" . . . a hip urban look that can be customized for any application you desire . . . concrete used to be favored mainly by businesses wanting an industrial look but now as homeowners tire of granite and tile they want more options when it comes to shape, color and pattern, they're turning to concrete and plaster."

"He's Got Concrete Plans"
The Charlotte Observer, November 10, 2007



M U D W E R K was founded by Eric Cockrell in 2005 after years of working in the field nationally and internationally.  
A small, very specialized construction company, mud the most essential of all building materials is our medium.
From traditional ornamental plaster to cutting edge concrete countertops, we use one of the world's most basic materials to create both timeless works of art and living environments.

"Coaxing earth and water into shapes, forms and structures takes knowledge and skill to meet the demands of modern builders and we do it every day. I am the luckiest guy in the world. It's every kid's dream. I get to play with all different colors of mud every day."
- Eric Cockrell, Owner and Principle Artisan

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